At the conference "Caucasus is our common home", historian Naima Neflyasheva and lawyer Eteri Sigaeva are awarded the Prize "Peace for Young Women of Caucasus". 

The award established by the movement of NGOs of South Caucasus "Women of South Caucasus for peace and prosperity. Peace begins at your home" was awarded in Yerevan on June 4. The Prize is awarded for the third time, and eleven women have already won the Prize. This was reported by Gyulnara Shaginyan, the organizer of the event, the founder and member of the board of the NGO "Democracy Today". Gyulnara Shaginyan has noted that the Prize is dedicated to the memory of Anait Bayandur, a well-known Armenian human rights defender, in recognition of her achievements in peacekeeping. 

After the awarding ceremony, Eteri Sigaeva has stated that everyone can contribute to peacekeeping and that women also can make an invaluable contribution to it. In her turn, Naima Neflyasheva has emphasized that it is important to ensure that the voices of ordinary people from Northern Caucasus are listened to. 

Let us remind you that Naima Neflyasheva maintains the blog "North Caucasus through the centuries" at the "Caucasian Knot".