Within the scope of the third set on October 2-4, November 7-9 and November 18-20, 2014 new training sessions on building relationships, revival of trust and hate speech at the national and regional level were organized by Civil Society Institute. Beneficiaries were human rights activists, journalists and students.

Mr. Artak Kirakosyan, the Chairman of the Board of Civil Society Institute NGO, started the program with a presentation on stages of conflict escalation by Dr Friedrich Glasl. The workshop was developed in an interactive way through group games and discussions about the trust, mistrust, how the enemy picture is appearing and reconciliation process was revealed. In the course of the discussion and interactive game the participants came up with their ideas and perceptions of the concept of trust, hate speech and reconciliation.

The sessions on hate speech were also designed in an interactive way; the presentation was followed by group work as well as an active discussion. The topic dwelled on the precedents of the European Court of Human Rights, the limitations imposed to freedom of speech. The training introduced to the participants the principles of establishing hate speech as envisaged by relevant recommendations of the Council of Europe and the precedents of the European Court of Human Rights. 

One Case from Group Works - Mediation Case 2001, Kosovo

The Role play was provided by "inmedio" institute for mediation inmedio.de/en, a partner organisation of CSI in Germany. The Role play was about Mogila, one of the few villages where Serbs (40%) and Albanians (60%) still lived together after escalation of the conflict, the bombing of Serbia by NATO forces, the deployment of KFOR troops and the establishment of the UN-administration (UNMIK). 

This case was about UNMIK purpose to fund the construction of a new, bigger school building starting in summer 2001 on the condition that it would be used simultaneously by both ethnic groups and that there would be some mixed classes.